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The Final Word has more than 15 years experience of translating, correcting and writing text to help clients reach overseas markets and grow their international business.

Our services & expertise


We’ve built up a first-class team of translators who can tackle any project: Websites & databases including inputting text online; Brochures & leaflets; Legal, financial and insurance contracts; Books, magazines and press releases; HR and Health & Safety documents.


Translating documents or websites for a foreign market involves more than just translating the words. The style of the texts, currencies, measurements and punctuation all need to be ‘localised’ to suit the target market. It’s a specialised skill, and it’s our specialty.

Proofreading & copywriting

We can help to refine and perfect your text if you already have a translation, or if you have written something in-house. We also have talented copywriters available who can produce new text for you, in a range of specialist subjects. 

Specialist sectors

  • Tourism, Sport, Culture, Food & Drink
  • Education, Housing 
  • Health & Safety, Human Resources, Sustainability
  • Manufacturing, Business

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