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The world is a village

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Good news for The Final Word; It’s official; Demand for quality translations is growing fast – and from 2010, the language services industry is expected to grow by 13.15% year on year to become a multi-billion dollar industry. (Source: Common Sense Advisory) This is quite… Read More »The world is a village

Multilingual Geocaching

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The Final Word has extended its tourism translation service to the world of Geocaching – the treasure hunting game that you play with a log book and a GPS (on your mobile phone or a hand-held GPS unit). As tourism specialists, we are constantly revising… Read More »Multilingual Geocaching

To be or not to be a translator

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A crisis is looming in the translation industry; demand for translation is booming, but the supply of qualified translators is not keeping pace with demand. The Translation Directorate of the European Commission, reports that for them guaranteeing quality services in some languages is becoming a… Read More »To be or not to be a translator