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Côtes d’Armor Tourisme contract

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cotes darmour 2In the past year, The Final Word has continued to develop its close ties with Brittany’s institutional tourism sector, with a new annual contract from Côtes d’Armor Tourisme.

This major project to create an English language version of the consumer website called for two distinct types of service.

Firstly, simply descriptions of all the hotels, campsites and other tourist establishments were translated into English (around 140,000 words).

Secondly, the editorial content of the site, totalling some 10,000 words, was translated and adapted, with addition of background information when appropriate, to ensure the content is interesting and relevant to Anglophone readers.

“We were very pleased to have this opportunity to work with Côtes d’Armor Tourisme and we look forward to further collaboration in future,” says Dawn Smith, The Final Word’s managing editor.