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Improving machine translations

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A new partnership between The Final Word and the INTERAVIEW agency is helping clients to achieve quality results by combining human and machine translations. The Final Word’s clients are always trying to cut costs and it is our aim to support them where we can and give them the highest quality translations at the best possible prices.  To this end The Final Word has entered into a partnership with INTERAVIEW Agence Interactive in Paris. This design agency creates attractive and media-rich tourism websites which include automatic machine translation that occurs at the push of a button. But there’s still a long way to go for the quality of the translations to match this high quality of the design.

These machine translations certainly can’t deliver the high standards needed to ensure clear communication, which is why the Final Word’s team of localisation specialists is needed to proofread and polish the translations.

Making sure the texts are properly localised, understandable and of a high standard is where The Final Word team plays its part. Working to tight budgets, INTERAVIEW really appreciates this cost-effective rewriting service.

A human brain will always be needed for the translation, especially of specialist documents, medicine, law, scientific papers etc.; and The Final Word still focuses on getting the best available brains to join their translation teams.

However, we are committed to a modern professional translation industry; we believe it is important to work with the developing technology, to make sure that there are the best possible outcomes for our clients and translators alike.