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Multilingual Geocaching

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The Final Word has extended its tourism translation service to the world of Geocaching – the treasure hunting game that you play with a log book and a GPS (on your mobile phone or a hand-held GPS unit).

As tourism specialists, we are constantly revising our service to keep up with the latest trends and the latest demands of our clients. So we are keeping step with our tourist board clients, who are beginning to realise the potential of Geocashing for helping visitors discover the hidden gems of their region.

The Béziers Mediterranean Tourist Office, for example, has gathered together information on Cashes around its region and promoted them on its website, blog and Facebook page. The Final Word modified the text to suit an overseas market, and produced suitable copy about these Geocashing trails in English, Spanish and German.

So, if you have created a Geocaching trail or want to promote the trails in your region to overseas visitors, just call The Final Word. We can provide translations so that visitors from all over the world can involved too.

To find out more about Geocaching go to the Geocashing website: