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The Final Word has 10 years’ experience of translating, correcting and writing text to help clients reach overseas markets. Any language, any subject, any time… Contact us for details or ask for a free quote.

Hérault tourism partnership

The 10 year partnership between Hérault tourism and the Final Word is set to grow thanks to a new contract for monthly tourism articles in six  languages, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Danish.

The history of the partnership has involved the translation of two tourism websites for the department of Hérault in the south of France, as well as search engine optimisation of the earlier sites, and the translation of an accommodation database.

During the partnership, the Final Word team has made visits to the headquarters of the Hérault Tourist Board in Montpellier (pictured), although the translation work itself has been carried out remotely, working directly into the client’s online system.

“Personal relationships are still important even in today’s world of instant communications. Nothing can quite replace that face to face meeting. Understanding the personalities and work-styles helps to make all our projects run smoothly,” says Lynda MacDermott, Head of marketing at The Final Word.

“In addition we have a translation team with a great deal of expertise and affection for the area. It’s a winning combination.”

The Final Word’s professional translation services will provide ongoing translations for Hérault during 2011 and into 2012, helping the tourist board to promote its special offers throughout the year to an international audience.


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