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Translation & Proofing

Language is no barrier

Get your message across in any language… 

Our translators are highly qualified, with at least 5 years’ experience in their specialist fields.

They only translate into their native language, but have an in-depth understanding of the source language too, including idioms and colloquialisms.

Our translators are skilled writers as well as linguists. They understand how to localise texts to make them attractive to the target market.

We'll check your ABCs

Proofreading and editing are part of the service…

All our translations are checked by a second translator to ensure they accurately convey the meaning of the original. We give our teams regular feedback to ensure continuous improvement.

We can also check existing translations. So if you’ve produced something in-house, we will happily proof it for you. 

This form of ‘assisted translation’ is becoming more and more popular, as it gives clients the benefit of our expertise at a reduced cost.

Humans only

We have the latest technology to improve consistency and efficiency, but we always use humans for our translations.

Although machine translation is getting better all the time, there’s no substitute for a human to ensure your texts don’t include embarrassing errors. 

We’ve all seen hilarious translation results from machines. 

My personal favourite is: 

‘Very suspicious supermarket’

(Not sure what they meant)

Specialist subjects

Tourism, which includes many specialisations, from history and culture to food and wine. 

Education, Housing, Health, Sustainability and other subjects that are especially relevant to public bodies, charities and NGOs. 

Human Resources, Health & Safety Management, Data Protection and other topics relevant to organisation and people management.

Manufacturing, Science, Business & Commerce. We have a variety of clients in this broad category, from PhD students to Blue Chip manufacturers.

Our expertise

Website translation, including integrating the text into a content management system 

Brochures, leaflets and flyers

Books, magazines and newsletters

Press releases and advertisements

Contracts and business documents

Employee communications 

HR & Health & Safety documents

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